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Mother's group

Is your child or teenager depressed, anxious, irritable, withdrawn, apathetic, uncooperative? 

They say you're as happy as your least happy child .. and when your child is really struggling, feeling isolated and alone, and angry with themselves for all this trouble, so are you!

This mom's group provides a positive and supportive space. Isolation, feeling you're the only one with these troubles, makes it harder to cope and respond. The group experience will energize you with insight and support so you can restore your child's own natural self-righting capacities.

I have been a child and family therapist for 35 years, working with parents to help develop the energy, courage and direction to get their children unstuck and back to the business of growing up. For the past year I have been conducting groups and trainings on Zoom, and I'm pleased and impressed with how effective this platform is for people seeking support, expertise and clear goals.

This group is designed to teach you ways that bypass mood and behavior problems to connect with your child's underlying needs. You will learn and practice ways to talk and act that encourage your child to go forward. Working together, you and other parents will help each other take the message home and make the changes that restore your children's resiliency.

The group meets Mondays from 5:30 to 6:45 pm. on Zoom. For more information, contact me at 617-645-5048.

Therapy for Children & Teenagers​

I can help you heal your relationship with your children. Thirty  five years working with kids and families have taught me to focus on what really counts: Let's work together to improve your relationship with your child and teenager, so you can be the guide and teacher your kid really needs.

In our digital age, it's especially hard for children to develop mental toughness, emotional integrity, social awareness, academic skillfulness and spiritual generosity. We all want to leave things better than we found them. I can help you instill this ideal in your child as well.

I like helping children & teenagers who have these problems:

  • Tantrums and meltdowns, oppositional & defiant behavior.
  • Failing in school because they don't try & won't work.
  • Derailed by symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.
  • Trouble making friends because they 'don't get it' socially.”

I work with very young children -- toddlers and pre-schoolers -- as well as school-age kids and teens.


Therapy for Adults

My experience with children and teenagers gives me a special perspective with adults. We were all children once. We all went through adolescence. The lessons we learned, the troubles we met, the losses and wounds we suffered, all echo through our current life, and effect our intimate relationships, our working life, and our parenting too.

Adults often come here for help with their children and then to address their own trauma, loss and past suffering that affects them now.

In addition to individual work, I often see adults in group - either independently or conjointly. Group and individual therapy, or group and couples/family therapy, offer a powerful helping and healing combination.

You can reach me by calling 617-645-5048  or emailing me:

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